Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Snaps, Week 2: Here Comes the Sun

Hey All! While Julie and I have decided to give you the leniency to make your OWN theme and link up whatever pictures you want for Sunday Snaps, I thought I would give myself the theme "Here Comes the Sun" as Julie had suggested to me beforehand. Check it out!
I thought this picture was very "summer"y and sun-shine-y enough for my theme. My friend Brooke on the left and I had a little mini photo shoot a few years back when laying out by the pool. Still some of my favorite pictures of us!

This is another picture from our mini photo sesson. I don't think I need to explain why this is "here comes the sun" appropriate! ;-)

I was fortunate enough to catch one of the last days of the Texas state fair last year. (I have a terrible tendency of missing fairs by being out of town.., I'm missing TWO this summer!)

What are your favorite "here comes the sun" themed pictures? If you think you've got some winners, I'd love to have you show them off at this week's Sunday Snaps! Post 'em and link 'em up! :-)



  1. Um I Love YOU!!! That was the best summer ever!!

    1. AWW, so glad you saw this. I love you, too B! THat was the best summer... I had SO much fun taking those pics! :-)


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