Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ad-Swap Spotlight: August

Meet My Lovely Texas Blogging Ladies!

This blogging experience has given me the ability to meet new, wonderful blogging friends in a community I otherwise would never be a part of: the Texas Bloggers! I love interacting with each of these ladies, and am so proud to host their lovely buttons on my sidebar for the month of August! Take a look at this month's City Girl Gone Country sponsors (in no particular order):
Nicole at Three 31
Hey there! I'm Nicole and my blog is Three 31. I am a country girl born and raised in The Bluegrass of Kentucky; a coal miner's daughter; and, a farmer's granddaughter. I moved to Texas in 2004 to play collegiate golf and eventually found an irresistible Texas boy (aka Husband). We married in 2007 and live near Fort Worth in the country where the crickets chirp and Blue (our white horse) grazes in the pasture. I love sweet tea, sushi, and haven't met a piece of bacon I couldn't eat. Come on over to Three 31 and say hello!!!!
*GIVEAWAY* for Copper River Bag Co
My Weekend with Christian Grey
boobs are expensive ... and the friendship fall-out
Cream of the Crop ~ my blog's most viewed posts

Megan at Captivated
Hey yall! My name is Megan and I blog over at Captivated! I'm so honored to be able to blog swap with Sarah! I'm a native Texan, cat lover, twenty something, God loving, mexican food junkie and recently engaged. At my blog you can find posts about animals, friends & family, crafts, wedding planning, movies/book reviews, and so much more! I always have something new I'm interested in and LOVE meeting fellow bloggers! Come check out my blog and I'll be sure to meet you!
My Etsy Shop
Brittany at Natural Nesters
We are two sisters that love family, taking care of our homes, kids projects, DIY projects, cooking, and more, and we love to share our adventures with you!
Emily at Insanity Rules
Hey y'all I'm Emily from Insanity Rules and I blog about life, crafts, food, and the Insanity it is to raise three little boys. It's all good fun and I have a great time so come join in the Insanity that is life.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy getting to know each of these ladies as much as I have so far! They are near and dear to my heart, and always provide valuable information with a laugh or two each week! :-)


  1. aw girl your the best and I will be having something up on the blog soon about swapping with ya. Fun talking to ya last night!

  2. Oh my word, what are people going to think with my links talking about boobs and Christian Grey?!?! HAHAHAHA Thanks for the swap, my post is going live tomorrow. I'm a day late and a dollar short .... story of my life. Big hug!


    1. Haha Oh-so scandalous! I'm sure it'll get ya some new, curious readers! ;-)

  3. awww thanks girl! be looking for yourself on my blog soon!


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