About Me

Hey y'all! And welcome to my page. I am thankful that you have stumbled across my blog, and hope you enjoy what you see enough to subscribe and stay a while!

Much like the picture displaying multiple figures of me above, I may be one person, but it takes several parts to make me a whole. I am a full-time college student, a born and raised Californian, and current Texas resident. I thrive on an intellectual book just as much as I do a romantic comedy film. In my spare time I love to cook, snap some shots, and sing.

I lived 20 years in California before I moved to Texas. So many people in California congratulated me for making a move and a huge step towards my career ambitions. Since arriving to Texas, I have been asked several times why I would leave California for such a flat, ocean-less state. The answer is simple: to live life. I used college as a "golden ticket" to step out of the concrete jungle prison I call my hometown and experience a different way of life. So far it has been a rewarding adventure, and I hope that this decision to migrate only continues to be beneficial to my life's experiences.
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