Monday, August 20, 2012

My Sunday Snaps post: week 3

This post had been put on the back burner, because the boyfriend (Joe) and I traveled to California EARLY Friday morning and have been on the go for the last few days. I am EXHAUSTED, but I think I was a perfect tour guide for the mister in my hometown :-)
My "Sunday Snaps" post consists of a little sneak peek of our weekend together (a full post will come later on when I'm done vacationing!) Enjoy, and don't forget to go here and link up for this week's Sunday Snaps link party!

Joe and I enjoyed a round of disc-golf with my Dad in Huntington Beach this weekend. It was great to be able to play an outdoor sport without worrying about the Texas heat or those pesky mosquitos! 

"The Big Mouse" would be the reason for our energetic demise yesterday. Joe and I spent the WHOLE day at Disneyland, going on every ride we possibly could and seeing every show available. Needless to say, we were SO tired last night and are SO sore this morning!

It's these moments where I'm ashamed to say I used to be able to go on the Disney rides anytime I pleased while being a cast member... HOW does the newbie end up beating me on the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters' game?!

I have literally JUST gotten home after dropping Joe off at the airport, and am finally decompressing from the busy-but-fun past few days. Not pictured yet are the shots from the line-dancing bar I dragged him to on Friday to meet my friends, a day at the beach where we wrote our names in the sand, fun times on main street in Huntington Beach, and lunch/dinners with my family members at various locations. All in all, I think he had the ultimate California experience, complete with a souvenir shirt I bought him at the end :-)
Hope y'all had great weekends, as well! Can't wait to see those pictures on this week's Sunday Snaps Link Up!


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