Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sunday Snaps: "Personal Best"

I would like to welcome y'all to participate in this NEW link-up: Sunday Snaps!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it's nice as a blogger to take a break from the wordy posts and let the photographs do the talking!

Each week, a new "theme" will be announced on Mondays, and the link-up will go live on Sundays. This will give participants a whole week to collect their photos and compose their posts to link up. Participating bloggers are encouraged to link up to THREE photographs for each theme each week. Feel free to link up DSLR photos, point-and-shoot, camera phone pictures, and instagram photos. Whatever you have works, so long as YOU took it yourself! I want to see what your pretty little mind can creatively invent through the lens, not someone else!

Additionally, both Julie @ A Beautiful Day and myself will post our favorites from the previous week and the corresponding blog link at the beginning of the new link-up!

This week's theme: My Personal Best

As a new link up, we wanted to allow you the opportunity to show off your skills, whatever photos that might entail. Link up between one and three "personal best" photos, and feel free to give a little blurb under each if you want to describe them further.

Good luck, and have fun! Start composing your entry posts, and check back for the link-up that will go live on Sunday, August 05! (Don't forget: you MUST display the button for this link party on your post you are linking up. Link-ups that fail to do so will be taken down! Grab the HTML provided in the box above for your convenience and simply paste it onto your post!)


Sarah B Texas

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