Monday, June 4, 2012

Sweet Summer Time '12

Well, I had been preparing a Mid-Spring Round Up with a plethora of photographs, but my college career decided that studying and grades were more important. How dare she (and yes, my career is of female gender).

Enough excuses silliness aside; allow me to catch you up on my life--bullet point style. Why? Because bullet points are funner for you to read and lazier easier for me to write.

  • I finished my first full year at UNT.
  • I finished my spring semester with a 3.6 GPA.
  • I am now officially considered well into my Junior year at UNT (thank goodness, after all the difficulties I had transferring all of my credits)!
  • I moved into a different apartment in November, and have since been enjoying getting to know my new roommates (I mention this now as I forgot to do so beforehand).
  • I absolutely LOVE my new apartment (so much so that two of my roommates and I renewed our leases for next year). Everything about it makes it feel like a real college "home,"from my roommates to our colored walls and decor, to our two furry little roommates: Dexter and Lily.
  • I received my first internship offer of my college career towards the end of May. The internship is with Atomic Design & Consulting. I am learning and mastering the skills of social media marketing with a little bit of SEO sprinkled in.
  • I was fortunate enough to see the Dave Matthews Band live in concert to kick off my summer. It was amazing, and I really think he gets better with each year and each album.
  • I visited Austin, Texas. I took several pictures of the Capitol that I will have to post later, as I am not on my own computer at the moment.
  • I became a baking queen for a while, making cupcakes for two of my roommates' birthdays and for Valentine's Day. My inspiration? My friend Elisha and her homemade gourmet treats!
  • My Dad came to visit Denton, TX! I got to show him around my new stomping grounds, and enjoyed some quality time catching up with him.

So far, it has been an enjoyable summer. Then again, we are nowhere near the hot heat that we are expected to get! (Check back and make sure I haven't sweated myself to death in August!)

Signing off for now,

~ S ~


  1. He haw! Y'all sound as happy as a politician in a bank vault! We luv u!

  2. Replies
    1. Haha no I am not. I only went to TopGolf to play on their mini golf courses. Though I wouldn't mind trying my hand at their driving range sometime... just for fun!


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