Friday, January 13, 2012

That's a Wrap!

Tomorrow, on Friday the 13th, I fly back to my current "home". (Yes, I understand this is an extremely terrifying day to be flying anywhere. Yikes.) I've had a great month in California with so many memories to take back to Texas in order to hold me over until I can return again. Like I said on my photography page, a picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of trying to explain all the amazing times I had, I will let the pictures speak for themselves! :-)


Made homemade oreo-peppermint bark with my mom!
Also made sugar cookies with homemade royal eggnog icing!
Went to see the White Christmas musical with the fam bam!
Caught up with some old friends at a party.
Threw a Christmas cocktail party with my loves!


Went to lunch and enjoyed my first legal cocktail with my stepdad!
Enjoyed appetizers, a pazookie and my first legal beer with my dad!
Experienced my first scooby snack with the bestie!
Enjoyed having all these friends out on my 21st birthday!
Caught up with my friend since grade 5!
Enjoyed a home-cooked meal and my first legal glass of wine with my mom!
I got to sing karaoke on my 21st!
Got to spend some time with my girls while line dancing for my 21st!
I got to congratulate my friend on his book signing and have him sign my copy!
Reunited with some dear friends for laughs and fun times.
The whole group of brunettes!
Took some awesome shots with my new Canon Rebel T3!
Went to see The Battle of the Dance with my dad, stepmom and niece!

A month is a long time to be in a different place setting than your current home. Aside from learning what that term (home) really meant to me, I also learned some valuable lessons during this trip. A great reminder was that in life you have to learn when to hold your tongue and let someone else feel the satisfaction of having the last word, whether they are right or wrong. In addition, the biggest lesson of all that keeps recycling itself through different sources is that maturity is not determined by age. Maturity is a quality in those who have not only experienced, but truly learned and changed from those experiences.

This trip also reminded me greatly to focus time on my family and put them first before anything when I can, because you never know when that opportunity may stop presenting itself. You never want to leave yourself with the possibility to live in regret.

I want to thank all my family and my friends for making this trip so great. To all of you who spent both time and money with me and genuinely took interest into catching up, don't ever doubt if your actions were appreciated. I will miss each and every one of you until I return again. Keep in touch, let's Skype! :-)

Here's looking to 2012 in Texas, let's see what you have to throw at me! :-)

~ S ~

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