Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Month of August Update!

Well, long time no blog! I felt I was WELL overdue in catching y’all up with what has been going on in my life!

School is definitely in full swing now. I go to classes 5 days a week, and work 3 days a week. Weekends have been glorious, and I definitely have been taking advantage of both sleeping in and going out and doing fun things! (And mom, you’ll be proud to know that sleeping in has changed to 10 am, not 1 in the afternoon!)

My mom came out a few weeks ago, and helped me transform my blank apartment room to a turquoise and brown sanctuary. 

She helped show me that the sky’s the limit when it comes to remodeling a room, so long as you bargain shop and home-make things, as well! 
 My mom made me a headboard simply with wood and fabric, 
and we also made a homemade bulletin board
with corkboard squares and left over fabric from my bedding and the headboard. 
We were able to get a lot of supplies and trinkets from the Dollar store, which definitely saved on the cost. 
It also REALLY helped that Hobby Lobby was having a 50% off sale on nearly everything we needed as far as decorations!

Let’s see… I went to my first rangers game! But I should admit that they were playing the Anaheim Angels (yes, I’m still bitter about the name change), 
so you can imagine what team shirt I was wearing. I embraced the glares and weird looks as people read “ANGELS” across my chest.

I attended my cousin’s baby shower last weekend, and that was so much fun! Her friends and family decorated the place so cute. One day (about 8-10 years from now), I am looking forward to the same kind of fun!

I also attended my first UNT football game of the season that same day. 
It was my first Texas football game, ever! While I am a die-hard Californian at heart, I’ve got to admit that Texas knows where it’s at when it comes to football! 
I made history as one of the many people to attend the first game in the new Apogee Stadium. 
If you’d like to check out the crowd, you can see the panoramic picture from the first game here ( 
We lost, but it was a great time, nonetheless! I enjoyed dressing in mean green, waving around a green and white pom-pom, and yelling while throwing an eagle claw every once in a while.

We are enjoying a good rain here today, although it did still start out at 86 degrees this morning! But I will accept the warm rain with happiness… it reminds me of Maui, Hawaii! And everyone here knows how badly the rain is needed!

So far here in Texas I have gone to about 4 BBQ parties, have gone fishing, have had amazing sushi, and have gone bowling. I’ve traveled to towns like Dallas, Fort Worth, Keller, Argyle, and Weatherford.

Hope this catches y’all up! Let me know if there’s something I didn’t cover in here that you’re interested in knowing! 

Lots of Love,

      ~ S ~ 


  1. I really like the catching up info...hope to read lots more in the future.
    Love you,


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